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In light of the current worldwide situation, we want to offer support and help to our network members through prayer, encouragement and networking platforms.


Dear Fellow Christian Leaders,


We want you to know that we love you and are praying for you! Please take a moment to listen to this video to encourage you on behalf of our CLMN team. 


We are still planning on moving forward with our two events. It is a critical time to gather even if it is on live stream. Please click on the link to our website to get specifics about our upcoming events; Easter Sunrise Service & National Day of Prayer


Christian Leaders throughout our community will be gathering for a prayer conference call tomorrow, March 19th at 8PM-8:30PM. Our unified prayers as community leaders matter, join us by calling: 563-999-1120 Enter code: 630838

Note the other local information below from Bryan Sayre @ SGMC.

Coronavirus SGMC Surge Plan for Childcare


Sayre, Brian C. <>

Mon, Mar 16, 11:34 AM (2 days ago)


Dear ministerial colleagues:


As the hospital makes plans for staffing in the coming weeks the need for childcare has come to the surface.  I would like to know which churches offer childcare in the form of Daycare, or Parents-Day-Out programs.  There may come a need with schools and other childcare services closing for us to be able to help healthcare workers provide for the needs of their children.


Please help me with the following:  


What program does your church offer?

Do you have any (temporary) openings?

What hours and age children can you accommodate?

Are you remaining open through this crisis?


Even if your program is closing this may present a unique opportunity to partner with the hospital if you have staff who are willing to help us take on this challenge.  I may not have time to respond to individual questions on this as this is a large list.  But the above information would be very helpful.


Thank you all!


P.S.:  I do not have everyone’s email in town.  There may be churches who have programs that are not on my list.  You could provide me with those as well.

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